Innovation & Integration

Michele Galvan is a Google Certified Trainer in Mission, Texas located in the Rio Grande Valley. Michele is an innovative educator who offers expertise in G Suite application and integration.

Contact me if you are looking for specialized training.

I specialize is G Suite innovation. Contact me if you are interested in attending one of my webinars.

Comments from participants who attended my webinar

“The whole presentation was an eye-opener. The interactive nature was great because I was able to ask questions in the chat that were relevant to me. In a sense, the participants were able to direct the presentation.”

“I have been really hesitant to implement and move from paper and this helped so much! I feel more confident that I can accomplish this goal of mine.”

“Everything was quite useful, but knowing that I could use all parts of the slide was new to me. I especially liked how I could use the Explore tool, too.”

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